Penguin Leads

At Penguin Leads, we believe in public access to public documents. Yet we know that government agencies make it very difficult for the average person to gain access on their own. Therefore, we've automated the process with a continually updated database of public records from across North America.

But unlike other companies, we go a step further by also providing information on how people can use these records to protect themselves. We also offer advice, through social media channels, blogs, and the individual search sites themselves, on related information that provides our customers with a broad range of knowledge to help them navigate through the dangers of modern life.

We offer an extensive array of search services, including:

  • Real estate records
  • Vehicle records
  • Criminal records
  • Phone records
  • Warrant records

Penguin Leads has access to millions of public records. Whether you need to do a background check on someone, get information about a used car you are thinking about buying, or simply want to find out how to contact someone, we are your primary online resource. We will not only provide the documents you need today, but will give you with the information and support you need for years to come.